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Welcome to ProFreightQuote - a one-stop solution for all your shipping needs!

It is a well-known fact that freight industry lacks transparency and is plagued with uncertainty, delays and overcharging.

Our goal is to provide competitive transparent freight quotes as well as comprehensive information and consulting services about international shipping. We understand that in our fast-paced world obtaining the right information fast is the key to success.

We help to obtain and compare freight quotes from multiple providers in the shortest time possible.

We help shippers to find the right quotes and freight forwarders to find the right customers.

Our primary target audience is Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), however, even large multinational corporations may find our service useful.

We strive to bring certainty to

There is no unified cost/charges structure and it is often the case that for the same shipment done by different companies you may find not only different invoice amounts but also a different breakdown of charges.

Quotes are provided by freight companies on a voluntary basis and there are many factors that may influence freight forwarders' decision on whether to quote and speed of providing a quote.

There are numerous considerations that may influence the ability, willingness and speed for providing a valid freight quotation:

  1. Size matters - large companies vs. small companies. Large freight vs. small freight.
  2. Nature of the goods - commercial vs. personal effects. High-risk products vs. general.
  3. Countries of origin and destination. Capabilities of freight forwarders.
  4. Repeat or one-off business.
  5. Custom services - "to door" or "to port/airport".

We hope you enjoy the services, and hear back from you on any possible improvements or just send us few lines!

ProFreightQuote Team!